Goyal Industries provides a turn-key solution for metal components that makes us more than just a machine or fabrication shop. Our experienced engineers and technicians work with clients like you from the initial drawing to ongoing quality assurance and testing.

Our team utilizes the latest CAD/CAM software and analysis to ensure that there are no unforeseen issues during production from corners that are too tight or other common issues. Goyal works with a variety of metals, from steel to stainless steel to aluminum to special alloys and more. We strive to combine high-performing outcomes with cost-saving materials.

Many of our repeat clients rely on us for intricate designs with tight specifications using our various machining and other equipment. We offer the precision of being able to hold fabricated dimensions to 0.020” and machined tolerances to as low as 0.0005” in each of our systems.

For finishing, we can provide smoothness of under 32 Ra and for environmental protection, we offer a variety of coatings and paints. In addition, we can plate or powder coat components per your needs. We do so with the ability to integrate directly into your Kanban or Just-In-Time stocking programs with full quality control.